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Our Services


Prior Art Search

Before diving into your application, it's important to know what's out there. Our prior art search service scours existing patents and publications to ensure your invention is novel and can withstand scrutiny.


Our drafting service is a crucial step in securing your invention. We transform your innovative concepts into comprehensive patent or utility model applications, ensuring that your intellectual property is accurately and comprehensively protected.

Application & Prosecution

We ensure that you effectively respond to office actions from the IPOPHL. We will help you craft well-informed responses, monitor compliance requirements, and maintain the validity of your patents, ensuring ongoing protection of your inventions.


Patents require ongoing care to maintain their protection. We handle annuity payments, ensuring your intellectual property remains shielded from competitors and continues to generate value for your business.


Search & Recommendation

We ensure that the name, logo, or symbol you choose for your brand is not only catchy but also legally available. We conduct thorough searches to prevent potential conflicts and help you make an informed decision about your brand's identity.

Prosecution & Registration

From preparing and filing your trademark application to handling any office actions from the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL), this service guides you through the entire process of legally registering your brand. We ensure your brand's identity is protected and in compliance with trademark regulations. 


As your business grows, your trademark needs to stay up-to-date and in use. We manage the required declarations of actual use, handle renewals, and keep your trademark in good standing to maintain its distinctiveness and legal protection.

Recordation Changes

Business changes like ownership transitions or modifications require updates to your trademark records. Our service ensures that these changes are accurately documented, reflecting the current state of your brand identity.



We will conduct meticulous research to ensure the uniqueness of your design. This vital step minimizes potential conflicts and strengthens your application's chances of success.

Preparation of Formal Drawings

We will create high-quality visual representations that capture the essence of your design.

Application & Prosecution

Our team will assist you from filing and examination up to the registration of your application with the IPOPHL.


We help you manage your industrial design rights by tracking renewal deadlines and guiding you through the renewal process, ensuring your protection remains intact.



We'll assist you in establishing a formal record of your creative works, helping protect your literary, artistic, and musical creations. By depositing your works, you have a documented trail of ownership, which can be invaluable in case of disputes.


Taking your creativity to the next level involves registering your works. This will provide legal recognition for your creative assets, giving you the power to enforce your rights and potentially monetize your creations.

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